Recycle & Prefabricated Laminate Floor

Smart Floor stand for full of inspiring ideas. As a market leader, we continuously develop new recycle/renewal products. From perfectly replicated smooth wood surface to remarkably realistic wood gain surfaces, from floorings with sound absorb, which reduces walking sound, through to a new concept for panel with a perfect joints, which creates an apparently real wood surface: Smart Floor has the right flooring for every lifestyle.

Eliminate flooring problem in damp spaces

Smart Floor is a breakthrough 100% water resistant laminate floor that can cope with any degree of humidity,From the mildest to the severe,. Made from top quality composite material known as vinyl resins with a highly Scratch-resistant top layer. Smart Floor stays perfectly stable in any condition. Unlike conventional laminate floors, wood is not used as a base core material in Smart Floor. As a result, the floors do not swell or deform under the influence of water, eradicating many inherent problem of traditional laminate floorings.


Laminate without limits

The break-through composite vinyl resins material allows Smart Floor to be used in any setting, even in areas where traditional laminate flooring are often thought impossible. With Smart Floor, laminate flooring can be used in damp areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and converted cellars. It also fits perfectly in areas of high humidity or temperature change, such as attics, the sunroom or conservatory. Water-resistant Smart Floor is also highly suited for commercial applications with high human traffic such as gyms, showrooms, beach bars, sanatoria, shopping areas etc. With the limitations of regular flooring removed, the list of Smart Floor applications if now only limited to the imagination.

Wonderful on bare feet

Because it is water resistant, Smart Floor can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, no different from the convenient care of a tiled floor. Yet, it retains all the sensational pleasure of a quality laminate floor, unlike the stark coldness of tiled or granite floorings.

Wear Resistant

Because of its strong layers. Smart Floor Fulfils strictest ASTM D 870-02 standards for wear and tear. Smart Floor is exceptionally resistant to sunrays.It retains its original shine much longer and is very resistant to difficult stains such as ketchup, wine or fruit juice.

Shock Resistant

The unique rigid vinyl core material gives the laminate floor extreme solidity, Which prevents damage by heavy loads and anti-static.

Damage Free Transportation and Installation

The durability of the Smart Floor base core material eradicates the problem to the side edges as is often experienced with traditional laminate flooring. Sturdier side edges of the Smart Floor Planks ensure that it is not easily damaged during transportation or installation.

Comparison Swelling Grade


In Silence

The rigid vinyl core material in Smart Floor Planks also ensures exceptional sound insulation. Test EN13329:2006 proves that sound reflection of Smart Floor is 30% lower than that of a traditional laminate floor. To be assured of the best sound insulation, it is recommended that an acoustic underlay be used for maximum effect.


A Natural Reflex

Smart Floor laminate planks are environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable, and does not contain any solvents or formaldehyde.