SPAZIO Concepts incorporated since 2006, the company has created her own “Unlimited Products,” and is the pioneer by her own brand products based on innovations and systems in construction and related industry. the unique capabilities, synergy and experiences give the company its competitive presence in building products sector in the industry. SPZ’s hands on approach build close relationships with her customers. based on experience in giving conceptually the modern company its unique presence in building products sector. Privately-held business builds close relationships with the market and its customers.

SPZ’s knowledge and competencies in building products and system enable her to drive innovation forward. A passion to develop new products has allowed Spazio Concepts to continually meet the requirements and needs of the market.

SPZ also addresses the need for sustainable products that reduces energy costs, contribute to green environment, and conserve finite resources. SPZ’s range of products include doors (timber, polymer), sanitary ware / fittings, kitchen and bedroom storage system, polymer laminated flooring, polymer laminated wall and ceiling panel and polymer grab-bars, provide a one stop solution of interior finishes to customers. SPZ also sell her own brand of cling film for the food industry, this product known as SPAZIO WRAP.

In addition of being a supplier of aforesaid products, SPZ also offer supply and install services. All these makes SPZ a dependable and reliable partner in the construction and related industry.